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Cut out alcohol for a set period of time and raise plenty of cash!




Amazon Smile

Heard about Amazon Smile but not sure what it is? Find out how you can donate to Positively Susan SCIO every time you shop through Amazon with our guide below.

What is Amazon Smile?
Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon. It features the same products at the same prices as the standard Amazon site. The only difference is, when you shop on Amazon Smile, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the cost of all eligible products to your chosen charity.

There are millions of eligible products available – look out for ‘Eligible for’ on the product’s details page.

How do I sign up to Amazon Smile?
To sign up for Amazon Smile, visit

If you’ve already got an Amazon account, simply log in to your account and search Positively Susan SCIO in the ‘pick your own charity’ search bar on the right-hand side of the screen. Click to accept us as your chosen charity and you’re ready to start shopping!

How do I get to Amazon Smile?
To shop at Amazon Smile, simply visit on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Are prices higher on Amazon Smile?
No. You’ll be able to shop the same products, at the same prices. It doesn’t cost you a penny more.

How much does Amazon Smile donate?
When you buy eligible products through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the cost to your chosen charity. The cost refers to the purchase price, so excludes VAT, returns and shipping fees, as well as gift wrapping fees, service charges and any rebates.

How to use Smile on the Amazon app
If you want to donate to Positively Susan SCIO when you shop, it’s important that you always shop through, rather than the main Amazon site.

If you use the Amazon app, there are two ways to shop using Amazon Smile. 


Enabling Amazon Smile:


- Ensure you have the latest version of the Amazon app installed

- Open the Amazon app and click on Settings in the main menu

- Click on the Amazon Smile link

- Follow the on-screen instructions

At the moment, Amazon Smile works on the mobile phone app, but not on the tablet app.





Instead of presents, ask your family and friends to give a donation to Positively Susan SCIO

Card games evening

Bridge, rummy, whist, pontoon, poker or even snap or Top Trumps. A card games night could be a big deal.



eBay your unwanted stuff

Positively Susan SCIO is a Charity Partner with eBay: simply sell your stuff and donate the money, or a proportion of it, to Positively Susan.

You can find out how to here


Film Night

Make your house a cinema for the night and get people round to watch a film. You could even make popcorn and charge people for it!


Guinness World Record

Why not break a world record? No, seriously, why not? Have you seen the records there are? Perhaps you could break the record for the number of strangers high-fived in a minute (21). Get friends, family or colleagues to donate for the chance to witness these strange record-breaking feats.



Hero day
Superman? Bobby Moore? Marilyn Monroe? Even Darth Vader? Dress up as your hero for the day.



HMRC help

It's no secret. Every one pound you donate, HMRC will give Positively Susan SCIO an extra 25p, (providing you are eligible) at no cost to you.


Keep fit

There are so many benefits to combining physical activity and fundraising. Not only will you be raising cash for a worthy cause, but you'll also feel healthier yourself.



Last hour's pay

Donate your last hour's pay each month – and encourage others to follow your shining example. Ask your employer to match your donation.

Name the teddy bear

Rupert? Yogi? Darren? Whatever you've christened your teddy bear, keep it to yourself. Then make a list of 100 names, and charge people £1 to pick the one they think the cuddly bear goes by. The person with the correct name gets to keep the teddy, while all the proceeds go to Positively Susan SCIO


Organise your own event
You may have come up with a completely unique and fun way to raise money for Macmillan. We'd love to hear about it and support you in any way we can.

You may be organising birthday fundraising, a karaoke sing-off, or a push-up challenge


Positively Susan's Online Shop

Raise money for Positively Susan by buying our Positively Susan branded merchandise from the online shop here on this website!

Run for Charity
Looking for your ideal running challenge?

Why not run for charity and choose from 5k runs, 10k runs, half marathons and marathons.

There are running events throughout Scotland for all fitness levels. All ages and stages are welcome.


Shave your hair and raise money for people living with cancer. You can do this as a solo challenge or as part of a group!


Stairway to cash

Why spend hours doing step-ups in the gym? Ditch the lift and take the stairs. Get sponsored per step. If you work in a high-rise block, you'll be quids in and super-fit.



Unwanted gift swap

Did you receive bath salts from Aunty Doris again at Christmas? Then why not round up all your colleagues to do a big unwanted gift swap? Everyone can pay £1 to pick a new present, and someone’s bound to go for your bath salts. It's probably best not to invite Aunty Doris, though.



Wax It

It's a classic charity fundraising technique that provides an interesting insight into how much your friends are willing to pay to hear you shout 'ouch!'. A packet of wax strips (and maybe some aloe vera) is all you need to raise money with a wax off.


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