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In March 2015 my late wife, Susan (then, 39), was diagnosed with breast cancer. During 2015, Susan had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and was declared “cancer-free” in November 2015. Cancer returned in July 2016; in this short time, the cancer had spread very quickly and, despite all efforts, Susan died on 15th November 2016.

For the previous 14 years Susan had worked for Macmillan Cancer Support; initially as a Fundraising Manager and laterally as an Area Fundraising Manager. Susan was with Macmillan when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

Susan loved her job and got so much out of raising money which would help people living with cancer. When Susan was going through her treatment she started a Facebook page called 'Positively Susan' (hence, the name of the charity). Susan started this page so that she could keep people updated on how she was getting on and, also, to keep a diary which might help other people going through the same.

During her treatment, Susan continued to fundraise, and raised over £ 16,000 for Macmillan in the 18 months she was unwell via a JustGiving page.

With this new charity, I want to try to continue Susan's great work by giving people a way to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and other cancer charities, in Susan's name.

I think Susan would have loved that.

I feel that, even though Susan is no longer physically with us, her story can continue...



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