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Susan asked that each person at her funeral was given a packet of sunflower seeds so they could plant them and enjoy watching them grow: Susan's idea was to have more sunflowers in the world so as to spread positivity and happiness.


Charlotte and I have recreated these packets and they are available to purchase. Each packet contains 25 Giant Single Sunflower seeds.


I understand that £ 4.95 is a bit expensive for seeds, but I would like you to think of it as more of a £ 5 donation to the charity where you get to (hopefully) have lots of lovely, tall, colourful Positively Susan sunlowers to look at during the summer and autumn months.





Sunflower Giant Single Seeds (each packet contains around 25 seeds)

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  • Now that we are, hopefully, past the frosty weather (sunlowers do not like frost at all!) it is safe to plant sunflower seeds.


     - Simply plant in the ground (around 1 inch below the surface), in planters or in pots and then water lightly until a soil is completely damp.  Continue to water once the soil has dried

    - Keep the soil damp, but be carefull not to use too much water at this point.

    - Continue to do this until the sunflower are well established.

    - Once the sunlowers are around 1 ft tall with thicker stems you can start to increase the amount of water used (sunflowers are extremely thirsty flowers!).


    I plant my sunflowers in three separate 40cm planters. To give you an idea, once the sunflowers are taller I use a full 5 litre watering can for EACH planter!


    I hope this short guide helps!



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